July 29, 2014

PCGA Open - Sign up

The PCGA Open

....that is the question.

PCGA Open is our second major of the year.  It is also the hottest.  Summer time in Alabama and all that. This years PCGA Open is being hosted by a new venue - Heron Lakes.  The PCGA has never played at Heron Lakes.  There are some unanswered questions at this point.  Is there a cart girl?  Can we order lunch?  Where will we meet to present the trophy?  Again, I do not know yet.
As soon we know these details we will pass them along.  Here is what we know:

Heron Lakes Country Club - Mobile, AL
August 9, 2014
$45 (includes the usual) 
12:30 first tee time
Major Event
Major Format*

*The PCGA staff will set the pairings for this event based on handicap.  This event will see the higher handicap players tee off first followed in descending handicap by the lower handicap players (aka - highest to lowest).

Please let us know if you plan to attend by leaving a comment on this post.
Sample comments:

Yes - I plan to attend the PCGA Open (your name).

No - I, (your name), cannot make this event.

July 13, 2014

July Event Results - Grand Bear

July Event - Grand Bear
 Tom Ferritto shot a final round 60.6 to claim his 5th PCGA event at Grand Bear Golf Course Saturday.  Yes, that is correct 60.6.  Ferritto, along with 14 other golfers broke par for the day (that is more like it PCGA golfers).  Van McInnis carded a 65.3 for 2nd, Mel Parnell after a long layoff from the PCGA shot 67.9, finished 3rd and Joe Downey finished 4th with a 68.1 net.  
Kevin Phillips still leads the points race, 283, at the midway point.  Cary Phillips is 2nd with 258, Van McInnis with a solid 2nd place finish moves to 3rd with 255. Kipp Bedford, 254, and Denny Mecsko, 244, round out the top 5.  Getting exciting.     
McInnis recorded his first 2nd place finish.  Congrats.
Tom Ferritto claimed the closest to the pin at Peninsula back in June.  Congrats.  
Tom Emmons recorded his 3rd closest to the pin on the front nine at Grand Bear to claim the cash, $20 that is.  Cary Phillips hit it close on the 16th to claim the 8 valuable race points.  Phillips did birdie the hole.  Emmons settled for a par, but does lead the race for the most closest.  
Money Title?  You know, it is still too early to talk about this!
Ferritto was the low man of the day with a 76. (a 34 on the back with 3 birdies)  Mecsko shot a 78 for a solid 5th place finish (are you kidding me?).  Mecsko had a chance to move into 3rd with a birdie on the 18th which would have been his 5th birdie of the day, no luck.  Now we have 2 golfers that have broken 80 this year.  Here's to the Mr. 79 or better club!!!!  Just 2?  Crazy.
The Grand Bear needs to remain on the schedule for the PCGA.  One of the nicest courses on the gulf coast.  We here at the PCGA would like to make this tournament a Major next year.  FYI, we will be backing the tees up!!  It will be a great test. 
Next up for the PCGA
Another brand new venue for the PCGA in August.  We will take over the country club of Heron Lakes.  We hear that the new superintendent has been working miracles on the course.  That is welcome news.
PCGA Staff

June 22, 2014

June Event - Peninsula

June Event - Peninsula  

 Cary Phillips shot a final round 67.5 to claim his 1st PCGA event at Peninsula Golf Course Saturday.  Phillips, along with  5 other golfers broke par for the day (pretty disappointing since conditions were ideal for golf).  Mike Brothers carded a 69 for 2nd, Joe Downey, 69.5 finished 3rd and Kevin Phillips finished 4th with a 70.9 net.  
Kevin Phillips leads the points race, 254, after 4 tournaments.  Cary Phillips after the win Saturday has moved up to 2nd with 220.  Kipp Bedford, 216, and Keith Action Jr., 208, round out the top 4.  Still way to early to get excited.   
Mike Brothers recorded his first 2nd place finish.  Congrats.
????? claimed his the closest to the pin on the long and difficult 3rd hole.  I forgot who this was so they will get mentioned next month.  Great shot whoever you are.  We screwed up the back nine due to multiple flags.  I was excited since I was close on the Par 3 -13th until I saw the flag on the Par 3 17th.  Oh well.  No points awarded this month. 
Kevin Phillips took over the Money lead with $110.  Rounding out the top 5 are:  Keith Action Jr., Mike Brothers and Cary Phillips.  You know, it is still too early to talk about this!
Cary Phillips was the low man of the day with a 81.  No one has broken 80 this year.  Green conditions were the best we will play this year.  I  predicted at least 3 golfers would take care of business this month.   Wow, was I wrong.  Shane Allen at Spring Hill is available for lessons.  We all seem to need to talk to him.  
We have a confirmed 48 golfers committed to playing this year.  Now only 41 have actually played.  We are still accepting new members so please let me know.  All I need is the golfers name, there last 5 scores, where they played, and what tees they played from.  Easy as that!
Next up for the PCGA
July event travels to the Grand Bear.   A brand new venue for the PCGA.    
PCGA Staff